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Gabriel Bail Bond - San Antonio TX

Reporting - Bail Bond Responsibilities

While on Bond with Gabriel Bail Bond you must…

Check in once a week. Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for non-Payment plan Clients. You may only call between 9am and 9pm. $5 Penalty fee is charged for check-in’s calling before 9am and outside of 9pm.

  1. When you check in you must tell us your First and Last name. Then let us know if you’re on a payment plan. Please wait for our agents to find your file and check you in before ending your call.
  2. If no one answers leave a voicemail with your First and Last name. Then give your Phone number, clearly and slowly say your name once more. This will insure we know who you are and are checked in accordingly. IF we cannot understand you for whatever reason, you will not be checked in.