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Arrest Warrants

Avoid Arrest and Detention with a Satellite Bond.

Arrest Warrant Check

Gabriel Bail Bond can check with the Bexar County Court System to see if you have any outstanding arrest warrants. If you do have an outstanding arrest warrant within Bexar County we can provide a Satellite Bail Bond that will allow you to avoid arrest and to remain free until the conclusion of your court case.

Bexar County Satellite Bonds

Gabriel Bail Bond can process Satellite Bail Bonds. Satellite Bail Bonds are available to defendants who have an outstanding arrest warrant that includes a pre-set bond from a judge or magistrate. This can include arrest warrants due to revoked bonds.

How Satellite Bonds work

  1. The first step is for Gabriel Bail Bond to determine if you have an outstanding warrant within Bexar County.
  2. The next step is to visit the office of Gabriel Bail Bond to purchase a bail bond that will satisfy your arrest warrant.
  3. After the purchase of your bail bond from Gabriel Bail Bond, you will then submit your bail bond papers to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Satellite Bond Office located in the basement level of the Bexar County Court House. During this process you will be required to report via video conference within the office to a Bexar County Magistrate to receive your instructions and court date. This process is fast and convenient and typically last less than 1 hour. Afterwards, you are free on bond and able to avoid arrest and detention at the Bexar County Detention Center until the conclusion of your court case.